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Who We Are

Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning, Serving all San Diego County.

No job is too big or too difficult to handle with our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Spark has vast experience providing cleaning services to buildings of all sizes. Whether you need residential or commercial panel cleaning Spark can help.

We always tell our customers that Solar panels are a smart decision . When we see  a home with  solar panels we immediately think that more and more people are conscious that Solar energy is the way to go. Clean Energy makes a big difference in the world we live inn.

Your Solar panels with time will build up layer after layer of dirt making it difficult for your panels to penetrate light  and that causes a drop in the efficiency of photovoltaic panels which translates to a decline in the amount of power produced.


Our System

Deionized Water removes all of ions from your water including minerals like iron, sodium ,sulfate and copper making it optimal to clean your solar panels and not only that, but this type of water will dry 99.9% spot free since all of its impurities have been removed .

Final Part

As a Family own business we really take pride of what we do and not only that, we love what we do because we care about sustainable clean energy.

Whether if its solar panel cleaning or window cleaning we are here to maintain your home or your business.


Window Cleaning

Our company provides a service for cleaning windows - . Let us provide this service to you and you will be convinced of our quality. 

Solar Panel Roof


What Our Client Says

Craig Russell  ★★★★★

Cleaned both my solar panels and the windows on my multistory home. Arrived on time. Did a good job and was polite and professional. Immediate bump to the power output of the panels.
Highly recommended and rated 5 STARS!! *****
Thank you.

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Please‎ Use The Form Or Call Us On 323-354-9876

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Spark Solar Panel Cleaning LLC

San Diego Ca,


323 354 9876 / 619 333 8588 

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri  8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday   9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sunday     9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Ramona Ca, Carlsbad Ca, Encinitas Ca, Solana Beach Ca, San Marcos Ca, Vista Ca, Escondido Ca, Poway Ca, Chula Vista Ca, Imperial Beach Ca, El Cajon Ca, Spring Valley Ca, Santee Ca, Lemon Grove Ca, National City Ca, San Isidro Ca, Alpine Ca, Julian Ca, Potrero Ca, Dulzura Ca, La Jolla Ca, Coronado Ca

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